New plumbing business in American Falls is doing well

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Seth Lusk

By Emily Wright
For the Journal

AMERICAN FALLS — Seth Lusk said he could see an opportunity in American Falls and decided to venture out on his own last November by opening Lusk Plumbing.

“I could see there was a need for another plumber,” said Lusk.

Lusk, who has worked for another plumbing business since 2003, attended Idaho State University for four years, and has completed the required on-the-job training to earn his contractor and public works license.

A majority of his work is in new construction and small commercial plumbing, including remodels, new service plumbing, broken water lines, faucets and showers.

“I also do drain cleaning,” he said. “It’s … good to do.”

Since opening his own business, Lusk said he has been fortunate that demand has been brisk. He said the business side of the operation has been the most challenging.

“You work seven days a week and don’t have as much free time. If I wanted to go broke I could have all the time off I wanted,” he said. “I am thankful that I took the next step for me to be on my own and all the cards have fallen into place.”

Lusk and his wife, Hailey, along with sons Beau and Thad, are a family business.

“Beau is the oldest and likes to go to work with me, with his own Lusk Plumbing hat and shirt,” Lusk said.

When it comes to understanding the key aspects of having your own business, Lusk broke it down into two things.

“Being honest and being on time. It’s the most important things,” he said.

He said it can also be difficult trying to schedule services to make people happy.

“As long as you let people know what’s going on, people are understanding,” he said.

Lusk Plumbing travels all over Southeast Idaho, working from Island Park to Twin Falls. Lusk Plumbing can be reached at 221-0443 or look for Lusk Plumbing on Facebook.

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One Comment to “New plumbing business in American Falls is doing well”

  1. Alex says:

    One of the joys of living in the rural area is learning how to do a lot of things yourself , for it takes forever to find a decent specialist and googling it up can hardly help , since a lot of them are listed as servicing American Falls and when you call you figure out they are not.I am not used to doing my plumbing myself ,I delegate responsibility to trained professionals,paying a bit extra thus saving my precious time ,but I had to almost acquire another profession lately.Luckily there are devices , tools and youtube videos.
    The funny thing is when Seth works he does good job he replaced one of the toilets at my place last year and it is still functional.
    However I did not realize at that time , how extremely lucky I got.
    Ever since I tried to get him stop by and have a look at my other bathroom (which had a leaking faucet and toilet needed to be unclogged and I also wanted his estimate on few projects) it seems he played this “catch me if you can ” game with me , stating how very busy he is and prompting me to call him one morning etc.
    Last time I called him 10/26/16 and he told me he will get his pick up and give me a call one morning and as of 11/02/2016 he never did.Which is very unorthodox approach to customer service.I know he had contract with 1 business in Pocatello and it keeps him occupied , but if you are not going to serve me , why not tell it to me directly , so I quit bugging you ?
    If you are planing to take care of my issue , why won’t you look at your calendar and give me an appointment ?
    So,I figured how to fix my toilet myself and plan on taking care of my other plumbing needs either myself or hiring someone else , for I believe if you have a problem it should be fixed in a timely manner and I can not afford to keep waiting for that very lucky morning to be blessed with Seth’s Lusk Plumbing visit.

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