In early June 1938, a young United States doctor was headed to a military base to treat patients. Knowing the tragedy he would find when he arrived, he stopped by a bakery and picked up eight dozen doughnuts for the wounded. His patients appreciated it so much that they started buying and giving donuts to other hurting veterans. The Salvation Army eventually picked up on the popularity of the doughnut among military servicemen and started a fundraising campaign to give every needy and wounded World War I solider a doughnut. The tradition continued into World war II when Red Cross Volunteers also distributed doughnut. The Red Cross nurses were sometimes referred to as “Doughnut Dollies.”

The day took on a life of its own over the years, but the popularity of the doughnut has never faded. 

Today, shops across the country are giving away free doughnut and will continue to do so every year, on the first Friday of June. 

Here’s where you can get a deal on donuts in Southeast Idaho and beyond: 

The Donut in Pocatello: Buy two doughnuts, get a medium coffee free.

Fred Meyer Bakery in Pocatello: Like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and get a coupon for a free doughnut. 

Albertsons in Pocatello: Free doughnut samples available after 7 a.m. A dozen glazed doughnuts discounted to $4.99 per box and individual doughnut for 50 cents. 

Bakers Dozen in Idaho Falls: Free mini glazed bars and a $1 discount on a box of one dozen glazed ($7 total).

Paradise Donuts in Rexburg: If people like the business’ Facebook page or follow them on Instagram, they get one free doughnut with a hole. 

Dunkin’ Donuts: Buy a drink get a free doughnut of your choice. Closest is in Logan, UT.

Krispy Kreme: On free doughnut per customer as long as they last. Closest location is in Layton, UT.