South Valley Road now open

Dec 24th, 2015 | By
Doug Lindley/Idaho State Journal
You can’t use the old “got held up by a train at Cheyenne Crossing” excuse anymore. The new South Valley Connector is open, and you can sail over the rail yard with no worries.

By Cydney McFarland POCATELLO — South Valley Road, a project that has been in the works since the late 60s and under construction since 2013, finally opened Wednesday. After the ribbon cutting, Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad along with former mayors Roger Chase and Greg Anderson, led a convoy of local leaders and community members
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Holiday wrap: Low gasoline prices are the gift that keeps on giving

Dec 22nd, 2015 | By

By Dave Carlson AAA advises motorists to prepare themselves and their vehicles for winter travel BOISE – Low gas prices, an improving economy and the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family are expected to produce 100 million U.S. travelers between Dec. 23 and Jan. 3, according to AAA. AAA estimates that 91.3
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Pocatello ranked among top airports in nation

Dec 17th, 2015 | By
Doug Lindley/Idaho State Journal
Passengers depart a Skywest flight Wednesday afternoon at the Pocatello Regional Airport.

By Kendra Evensen POCATELLO — Those traveling for the holidays may want to consider flying out of the Pocatello Regional Airport. The online trip calculator Travelmath recently analyzed 322 airports in the U.S. using information gathered by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics from January to August, and it ranked some of the country’s smallest airports
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Monday’s storm breaks record, plays role in nearly 150 crashes

Dec 16th, 2015 | By
Doug Lindley/Idaho State Journal
Roy Hall of J & J Auto Body prepares a repair estimate on front-end damage to a car that happened during this week’s snowstorm.

By Kendra Evensen This week’s storm broke a daily maximum snowfall record in the Pocatello area and played a role in nearly 150 wrecks in southeast Idaho. Travis Wyatt, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service forecast office in Pocatello, said 5.6 inches of snow fell near the Pocatello Regional Airport on Monday, which broke
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AAA: New transportation bills won’t fix everything

Dec 14th, 2015 | By

AAA Idaho Press Release   But Idaho and Congressional action paves part of the way to long-term solutions   BOISE – (Dec. 11, 2015) After years of short-term patches and extensions, Congress this past week agreed to a long-term, bipartisan surface transportation bill, one which will provide $281 billion for transportation program spending over five
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ISU students capture story of Garrett Freightlines

Dec 10th, 2015 | By

By Michael H. O’Donnell POCATELLO — At its peak, Garrett Freightlines employed about 1,000 people in Pocatello, and its trucking delivery system spanned from California to Minnesota — the fifth largest freight line in the nation. It was a trucking empire that had been started in the shadow of Pocatello’s growing railroad presence back
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State installs variable speed-limit signs on I-15

Dec 10th, 2015 | By
Submitted photo
The Idaho Transportation Department has been installing variable speed-limit signs on Interstate 15 north of Osgood. Officials hope the signs, which can be lowered wirelessly in areas susceptible to dust storms, will help prevent vehicle pileups like this one that occurred in 2007.

By Kendra Evensen Drivers traveling on Interstate 15 north of Osgood in Bonneville County will have to pay closer attention to speed limits in the future. That’s because they could change throughout the day depending on weather conditions. The Idaho Transportation Department has been installing solar-powered variable-speed signs that it can lower wirelessly when an
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Malad ITD foreman tops state for tackling winter roads

Nov 18th, 2015 | By

By Journal Staff MALAD — When it comes to keeping Southeast Idaho roads clear in the winter, Malad area maintenance foreman for the Idaho Transportation Department, Doug Thorpe, sets the gold standard. The state Transportation Department initiated its Winter Performance Measures in the fall of 2011 to enhance winter maintenance, improve safety and reduce costs.
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Idaho fuel prices drop close to national average

Nov 13th, 2015 | By

By Journal Staff For nearly two months, Idahoans have been stuck with paying far more than the average U.S. citizen at the gas pump. That’s no longer the case. According to AAA, the Gem State’s average gas prices have dropped to the point in which they’re nearly level with the national average. Idaho’s average price
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Charging forward: INL compiles data on electric vehicle use

Oct 22nd, 2015 | By

   Group leader for the electric vehicle research at the Idaho National Laboratory John Smart plugs in an electric car at the research facility located in Idaho Falls.

By  Michael H. O’Donnell IDAHO FALLS — For five years, researchers at the Idaho National Laboratory have been tracking how and when the owners of electric vehicles in the U.S. plug in and hit the road. The research effort watched the habits of 8,300 different electric vehicle owners — those with Chevy Volts or
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