Most American buyers not ready for driverless cars

Mar 8th, 2017 | By

   Idaho drivers are among the luckiest in terms of low licensing fees, insurance costs and other car related expenses.

Press Release BOISE – Despite the prospect that autonomous vehicles will be safer, more efficient, and more convenient than their human-driven counterparts, three in four U.S. drivers (78%) say they aren’t confident of sharing the road with driverless vehicles. Not yet, at least. Findings in the new AAA survey mirror those from a similar 2016
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Idaho pump prices back in the top 10

Mar 2nd, 2017 | By
Bobby Thompson, of St. Joseph, Mo., fills is gas tank at the Shop $ Hop at County Line Road and the Belt Highway Monday, Feb. 20, 2012 in St. Joseph, Mo. Retail gasoline prices rose less than a penny to a national average of $3.53 per gallon on Friday, Feb. 17, according to AAA, Wright Express and Oil Price Information Service. A gallon of regular is 15 cents higher than it was a month ago and about 38 cents more than a year ago. (AP Photo/St. Joseph News-Press, Todd Weddle)

Press Release BOISE –  National average gas prices have remained fairly flat for the last 29 days, but Idaho isn’t sharing in the good news. Local supply issues recently pushed Gem State pump prices into the nation’s top ten. Idaho’s average price today is $2.44, up seven cents in the past month and fourteen cents
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Blaine County introduces program to promote purchase of electric vehicles

Feb 28th, 2017 | By
Autos_Chevy Volt Charing

By Corey Taule/For the Journal There are many reasons to like electric vehicles (EVs): They generate no tailpipe emissions, improving air quality, and are powered entirely by electricity, reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. EVs are easier to maintain (no oil to change). And EV owners have been known to speak lovingly about the
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Drivers see higher premiums after not-at-fault crashes

Feb 13th, 2017 | By

By Jennifer C. Kerr/Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Most drivers don’t expect to be hit with a rate hike on their auto insurance after a car accident that wasn’t their fault. But a consumer group says it happens, and it’s a problem. The Washington-based Consumer Federation of America says it found rate hikes on annual
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Boise’s population booms, but people aren’t getting on the bus

Feb 7th, 2017 | By

By Cynthia Sewell Back in 1996, Boise’s bus service, then called Boise Urban Stages, received a national award from the American Public Transit Association for being an outstanding transit system with 50 or fewer buses. A 56 percent increase in ridership over three years helped propel BUS to that honor: Ridership on the 36-bus system
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Idaho transportation officials put together a $450,000 emergency repair project when pavement on Interstate 90 broke apart this winter

Feb 7th, 2017 | By

Associated Press COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho transportation officials put together a $450,000 emergency repair project when pavement on Interstate 90 broke apart this winter. The transportation department says people’s lives were at stake when a midwinter thaw caused potholes to open up on I-90 through Coeur d’Alene, reported The Spokesman-Review ( ). The
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‘Megaload’ settlement bans new big truck loads on Idaho road

Jan 30th, 2017 | By
Men and equipment from Birch
Creek Landscape and Excavation are
removing the clay and adding fill dirt
to get the property to drain properly
so the foundation of the new enterprise
can begin.

By Rebecca Boone/Associated Press BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Environmental groups, the Nez Perce Tribe and the U.S. Forest Service said Friday that they have reached a settlement in a lawsuit over huge “megaload” shipments on a scenic northwestern Idaho highway by tractor trailers. The shipments had been on hold since 2013 along a 100-mile stretch
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Congress rolling back hours of service rules for truckers

Dec 12th, 2016 | By

By Sarah Glenn/For the Journal IDAHO FALLS – Trucking companies are breathing a sigh of relief today while road safety watchdogs wring their hands. Congress tucked language into it’s short-term spending bill that begins to roll back restrictive rules for how long (and when) long haul truck drivers are required to rest. The whole bill
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Tired of travel fees? Here’s a charge you may be unaware of

Nov 22nd, 2016 | By

By SCOTT MAYEROWITZ,  AP Airlines Writer NEW YORK (AP) – Ever feel like the taxi ride from the airport costs more than the trip there? It’s not your imagination. Airports across the country add surcharges of up to $5 a ride — typically passed directly on to travelers — for trips originating at their curbs.
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AAA: Travelers to top 48.7 million at Thanksgiving

Nov 16th, 2016 | By
AAA Thanksgiving 2016

  227,000 Idahoans will take to the roads with lowest Thanksgiving pump prices since 2008 Press Release BOISE – Affordable pump prices and the chance to spend time with family and friends will motivate 48.7 million Americans to take to the highways and skyways for the Thanksgiving holiday, celebrated from Wednesday, November 23 to Sunday,
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