Theater student starts ski and snowboard rental business

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Kendal Raleigh is shown in center with husband Ian Raliegh to the right.

Kendal Raleigh is shown in center with husband Ian Raliegh to the right.

By Matt Johnson

REXBURG — BYU-Idaho student Kendal Raleigh might be studying theater in school, but she’s got to be surprising all of her business student friends with her entrepreneurial ambition.

That’s because Raleigh and her husband, Ian Raleigh, recently started a new skiing and snowboarding rental business, Raleigh’s Rentals.

“We love snowboarding. It’s one of our favorite things to do together,” said Kendal. “We talked to our friends last season about coming with us and a lot of them said they were too poor and couldn’t afford it. It got us thinking, ‘Hey, we know a lot about snowboards. We know how to take care of them, how to look for quality and all that kind of stuff. We thought we’d buy a few and see what happens.’”

So the couple headed to Denver, Colorado, where they knew snowboarding and skiing equipment would be cheaper to purchase. The Denver area has cheap equipment because the skiing and snowboarding crowd there typically want the newest models, which lowers the prices of other quality models.

After building up their supply of equipment and working on their business strategy since July, the couple was ready to get their business rolling.

“It’s been bigger than what we expected,” Kendal said. “We’re really blessed to have family who are talented entrepreneurs.”

They offer daily equipment rentals, hot waxes, edging and a 10-day pass specifically designed for the snowboarding and skiing class at BYU-Idaho, although anyone from the community can sign up for the 10-day pass. Ian plans on starting snowboarding and skiing lessons for the community, as well. That is still in the works and should start early 2016.

“We just want people to be able to get out there. We know we’re not making as much of a profit as we could with what we have,” Raleigh said.

Although it’s a young, up-and-coming business, the Raleigh family is striving to make sure they offer value to their customers.

“It’s all stuff we would ride,” Raleigh said. “They’re all stuff that is in good shape.”

For more information, visit the company’s Facebook page at Raleigh’s Rentals or email


Price BOX: Ski Rental w/out poles: $14 per day

Ski Rental w/poles: $15 per day

Snowboard Rental: $14 per day

Helmet Rental: $4 per day

Hot Wax: $7

Season 10-day pass: $120

The season pass is designed for the BYU-I Ski/Snowboard class although we can work out a similar deal with community member

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